Sumner County Schools
Sumner County Schools

Enrollment Information

Steps to Enrolling Your Child in Sumner County Schools

Step 1

Determine the Child's Eligibility: All children age 5 by August 15 and living within Sumner County are eligible for enrollment. The Tennessee Compulsory Attendance Law (TCA 49-6-3001), requires all children between the ages of 6 and 18 to attend school and be on time to school and classes. Each child seeking to enroll in the school system must be a resident of Sumner County.

Step 2

Identify and Contact the School: Registration takes place at each individual school. Parents are asked to contact the school office to make an appointment for registration. School staff can provide a Spanish speaking interpreter for you if you ask in advance. If you are unsure about which school your child should attend, please call the Sumner County Board of Education at 451-5200 and tell them your address. Attendance Zone maps are also available at

Step 3

Gather the necessary documents the school will request:

General Student Registration Documents:

Student Registration_Document_4-24.pdf


7th Grade Student Registration Documents:



Kindergarten Student Registration Documents:



Students who do not speak English as their first language will be enrolled immediately even if they do not have one or more of these documents.

Students who are identified as homeless will be enrolled immediately even if they do not have one or more of these documents.

Transfer/Moving out of town/state: When a child changes schools during the school year, a parent/guardian should visit the school office to complete a withdrawal form before enrolling the child in a new school.